WhatsApp testing five new features to improve user-experience


    WhatsApp developers have been quite active for some time and have been regularly making changes to their app in one way or another. Sometimes the changes are liked by the users, sometimes not.

    Facebook-owned WhatsApp has again been testing some new features that will be added to the app in the future.

    Here’s us listing those new features :

    • Click to Chat

    One of the major flaws I find in WhatsApp is that it doesn’t allow users to send messages to numbers not saved on the phone. Well, this feature rectifies it and allows users to do just the same. You’ll no longer be needed to save unnecessary contacts.

    To use this, WhatsApp will let you create a link, which can be used to start a chat with the unsaved contact.

    • Instant link with Facebook

    This isn’t technically a feature on WhatsApp but it does affect its users. WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook has added a new beta feature to its app. It allows the users to share a link instantly using ‘Send to WhatsApp’ option. Earlier you had to go to the share options in the drop-down menu which will no longer be needed.


    • Group Audio Calls

    Another feature that might be very useful to the users is group audio calling for iOS devices. This feature will be of great use to people who have to engage conference calls regularly. The feature will be an addition to the current audio calling feature which only allowed one-to-one conversations. The limit of how many people can be connected to a single call is still not known.

    • Media Visibility

    Another major update is a Media visibility feature. The feature will allow the users to choose whether they want their WhatsApp media content to be shown in the gallery or not. This feature is already there on iOS devices.

    • Account information

    This new feature allows the users to create a report of his/her account information. This information doesn’t include the messages. This report can be shared with another application. These reports are created in three days and are available to download for few weeks.

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