WhatsApp is going to make a huge change in its Delete For Everyone feature. Earlier it was absolutely not possible for someone to delete a message once it was sent. But back in November 2017, the messaging app added the ability to delete sent messages from a private chat or a group chat. The feature was welcomed by all the users of the Facebook-owned company as it gave them the power to remove any message sent by mistake or any message sent to a wrong chat.

Once deleted, WhatsApp replaces that message with a note stating : “This message was deleted”. But there was a limitation, users were only allowed to delete a message for everyone in the chat within the first seven minutes of it being sent. After seven minutes, users can only delete the message from their own phone, which is rather useless as it changes nothing on the recipients’ side and they can still see the message.


However, WhatsApp is planning to drastically extend that deadline from seven minutes to 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 second, according to reports.

This change was spotted by WABetaInfo that tracks the latest WhatsApp features across beta releases in the latest Android beta, version 2.18.69.

This new change is, as of now, still a Beta feature and can be enjoyed only by the WhatsApp beta testers on Android.

Other than that, WhatsApp has also added a new Stickers feature to its iOS app.

The new stickers lets users tag a location, current time, on any photos and videos sent to a private or group chat. The new stickers will allow the user to choose from two designs for the location sticker, and to choose either analogue or digital clock for the timestamp. WhatsApp is a bit late to provide these features as these functions has existed on other social networks like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Messenger since a long time. Previously, WhatsApp only allowed users to add emojis to their photos and videos.

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