Whatsapp Founder Advises Everyone to Delete Facebook


    Whatsapp founder Brian Acton has something to say about the Facebook Scandal. The Facebook data leak scandal involving data leakage of at least 50 million users has prompted uproar among netizens across social media platforms.We have covered it here. It gave rise to #deletefacbook movement which has been trending on Twitter for quite a while. For companies like Facebook whose main source of income is targeted Ads, such PR damage could end up costing dearly.

    Whatsapp founder

    This scandal involving Cambridge Analytica has brought to light the many pitfalls of corporate entities operating for profits misusing personal data of users.  The possibility of Russian involvement shows the problem faced by many democracies in face of concerted efforts by foreign powers to indirectly affect proceedings in a country.

    Whatsapp founder

    Whatsapp founder Brian Acton who left Whatsapp after takeover by Facebook in 2014 had the following to say about facebook:

    Acton reportedly left Whatsapp after Facebook takeover due to concerns on how Facebook handles data. He has proceeded to make his own messaging app called signal which puts privacy first.

    The ex-Whatsapp employee and founder followed this up with :


    Brian joins a growing list of ex-Facebook employees who have expressed concerns about  social media platforms. Last year, former head of growth Chamath Palihapitiya caused a firestorm after saying “we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.” Other former executives to express regrets include Sean Parker, Justin Rosenstein, and investor Roger McNamee.

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