What’s New in PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 Update? – Miramar, Canted Sight, and More

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As discussed in our previous post, PUBG Mobile is one of the top-grossing games across the world. It is one of the biggest sensations in the mobile gaming industry. But we have often experienced a game, creating a buzz in the beginning, but then failing to create the same rapport. However, Tencent Games surely has mastered the technique of attracting gamers with new updates. So, in today’s article, we will check out the new features included in the new 0.18.0 update which is out now over the play store.

1. Miramar 2.0

miramar 2.0 in PUBG

Clearing up all the rumors about Erangle 2.0, PUBG Mobile decided to update the Miramar map with various attractive features. So let’s have a look at the changes made on the map.

  • The Miramar will have a new SandStorm look from now. Plus, there is the addition of two new places i.e Oasis in the North and Ruins in Northwest on Miramar Map. And after this update, players will get a similar look for Georgopool because many containers are adjoining in the map after the new version.
  • Another eye-catching thing that will attract gamers to grind the Miramar map is the new vehicle Golden Mirado. The unique feature of the vehicle is that only one Golden Mirado will spawn in one match and there’s no fixed spot for its spawning.
Golden mirado
  • Now riding in the Miramar map won’t be boring because after the new update race tracks are set up in various parts of the map. Therefore, cheer up and get in the driving seat.
  • Not only places or vehicles are upgraded, but there are enhancement in the guns as well. After the update, the Win 94 gun will have a 2.7x scope inbuilt in it which will make it an effective gun from now.
win 94 in PUBG
WIN 94

2. Canted Sight

The all-new canted sight is a new scope with a second slot for another scope. With the help of the canted sight, the players can easily handle the fights happening at different distances.

Canted Sight

3. New P90 Gun in Arena Mode

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The P 90 gun is the new SMG gun, which is only available in Arena mode for now. The gun can fire 50 bullets before it needs time to reload. Although, it is available in Arena mode, who knows if we might see this gun included in the classic matches?

p90 gun

4. New Post-Match Result Screen

In this update, the post-match result screen has been updated with the addition of the main weapon. This will show the weapon you have used maximum in that match.

5. Other Updates

Few more changes might occur after a few days/ weeks. Two new modes i.e Jungle mode and Safety Scramble mode are expected to arrive.

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By looking at the features added, anyone can easily predict the increment of players’ involvement in PUBG Mobile. However, with new updates, the game will face many new glitches/bugs. We’ll keep you updated on the state of the game as new features are added in.

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