What is DNS? Why is it So Important, And Why You Should Consider Changing It

    What is DNS

    If you have an internet connection, Airtel, Jio, or any other Internet Service Provider, you automatically sign up for a Domain Name System (DNS) Resolver which makes it possible to access the web or any online service that you may need to work from home and download files from the internet.

    What is DNS Server?

    What is DNS

    A Domain Name System (DNS) is a, generally free, service (included with the cost of your internet bill) that allows you to access millions of the sites on the internet. A DNS is a kind-of an internet phonebook, that resolves the friendly domain names (like www.google.com, www.amazon.in) into IP address like, which is easy-to-understand for the computers.

    The main problem is that most of the ISPs in India set the DNS of the WiFi Router to their own DNS address, so that they know which sites the user’s access, and they can do anything with that data. There are no rules and regulations regarding data privacy (for IPS’s DNS), at least in India. You should consider changing it to your own need.

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    Other DNS Providers?

    Although you can still keep using your ISP’s DNS, cause you won’t notice this process, because everything happens in milliseconds. And now that you’ve read what is DNS, and why is it important you should consider changing it.

    Google DNS and Cloudflare are leaders when it comes to providing DNS. Although Cloudflare was launched just about a year ago, it’s gained a significant name (and fame). Cloudflare’s Primary DNS is and the Secondary DNS is

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