Barely a week after the release of the PC demo of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV, the game is reported to have been cracked. As it turns out, its release was unprotected and a Chinese group that goes by “3DM” made short work of it by using the .exe from the demo and applying it, owing to the fact that the Denuvo anti-tamper tech hadn’t been added to it just yet.

This brings us to the biggest issue. Origin, in a stroke of sheer brilliance, made the unencrypted version of the Final Fantasy XV file available, unlike their counterpart Steam. All 3DM had to do was download the already available unencrypted version and simply apply the demo .exe file. Reports from DSOgaming state that the first three chapters have been proven to work without a hiccup, and that some players have even been able to work their way up to the ninth chapter in a buttery smooth fashion.

Screenshot from Final Fantasy XVA sign of legitimacy is the file size of the game, which is 150GB in total, with the HD 4K textures. Considering the effort and resources put into this game, the situation is indeed a dire one for Square Enix.

That said, we DO NOT endorse acts of this sort and would always advise you to buy it legally, as the work put into the game is beyond our imaginative boundaries. The game releases today, so please, if you’re interested at all, support the creators and go out and buy the official version of Final Fantasy XV!


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