Stories are now everywhere — Google adds ‘Web Stories’ to Discover Feed


    Google adds Web Stories to Discover Feed: Stories was first introduced by Snapchat, a video/image that you could share to a set of people that would only be viewable for 24 hours. It soon made its way to Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and even Twitter. And now Stories are everywhere.

    It’s the ‘modern’ way we consume content on our vertical screens. With TikTok and Instagram Reels setting an example of how ‘Vertical’ content can increase the engagement of users, Google has added a ‘Web Stories’ section to its Discover Feed.

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    Google Web Stories on Google Discover Feed
    Web Stories on Google’s Discover Feed

    Google Discover Feed adds Web Stories: ‘A More Visual and Immersive Experience?’

    Google says these Web Stories bring a more appealing experience to the users. Web Stories will appear on the Discover Feed — which is available on Google app on Android and iOS. The feature is now live in India, the United States and Brazil (with more countries to follow). In India, Web Stories are available in Hindi and English.

    Browsing these stories is same as seen on many other apps. When you tap on a story, it enter the full screen mode, you press and hold to pause it, tap on the right to move to next and tap on left to move to the previous one. Simple.

    The search engine giant has already partnered with these publications

    For creators and publishers (like us), there’s no additional revenue share for Story ads, which means you might see ads in between stories (just like Instagram). Google is giving full power to the publishers to curate special content for Web Stories, and the company believes it will attract a large audience (once people start using it). Google has already partnered with some publications in India and the US.

    How to Publish Web Stories?

    Web Stories can be created by anyone, either by an individual creator or a publisher. The company has already rolled out drag-and-drop tools like the Web Story editor for WordPress, MakeStories and NewsroomAI making it easier for creators to, well, create stories. Plus, you can also code Web Stories, if you want.

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