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    There are rules for everything in life. It’s the same thing for games, there are rules to follow for every game. Whether board games, dice, cards, or even video games, without following the rules, you may never enjoy playing it. 

    In the next few lines, we’ll take you through some classic game rules. If you want to smash them, you should follow through.


    Chess is a game that’s played by people all over the world, of varying ages. The origin of the game is traced back to India more than 1500 years ago. To play Chess, you need to move the white headfirst while rotating the rest of the symbols one at a time.

    Do not forget that the highest goal of a chess game is the checkmate. It ends the game. Once a king is put in the check and all legal movies are blocked, the checkmate is achieved.


    Patience is a 52 card game that’s also called Solitaire. The name Solitaire is even more popular. To play solitaire you need to shuffle the cards first and make sure they’re well mixed up. Place 7 cards down very close to each other, then turn up the one on the left. It’ll remain 6 more cards left. Add another 6 cards to the one left. Repeat the process. Patience is won when the hole cards are in one position.

    Teen Patti

    Teen Patti played with a 52-card deck without using the jokers. About 3 to 6 people are needed to play physically. All the players are dealt three covered cards. Then, they decide on an ante (the initial bet) and places it on the pot.

    At every round, each player has to place a bet or fold if he thinks his card hand is not good enough. The player with the best card hand at the end of the game wins.

    There’s still much more to learn about the rules of Teen Patti and the ranking of hands. We recommend you to check out these easy explained teen patti rules by teenpattibaba.in


    Monopoly is a dice/board game. It is played by two or more people. To play monopoly you’ll first roll the dice. In case you roll a double dice, you’ll roll another turn. If you roll another double dice you’ll get another turn.

    Monopoly game is a game of banks, houses, buildings and properties generally. You’ll have to buy properties from a bank with money, and you can only buy one property per once. The game of monopoly also requires that you pay the rent for the buildings you’re occupying.


    Yahtzee is also a dice game like monopoly and you win the game by scoring points from 5 dice combinations. It is a 13 round game. To play Yathzee, players need to score at different points.  To roll a Yathzee which is the most important point of the game, there are different odds for it and they increase with time. A Yahtzee winner is the one with the highest points.


    Risk is a game of 2 to 6 players. Its strength is in Conflict and conquest, although it’s also a diplomacy game. The rules are straight forward, draw cards, receive cards, attack your opponents, conquer them, repeat. The cards in the game are referred to as risk cards.


    A Clue game (original name; Cluedo) is a game that is played by 3 or more players. It explores both mystery and murder and this gives the basics of the game story. The goal of the game is to find out who murdered the victim, the crime place and the weapon used. It is a board game consisting of dice and cards. Whoever finds the victim of the game first wins.


    This is a game of two players and it’s played on a paper or board. There are ruler marked lines over the board. The game goals are to destroy the other player’s ship. The rule is simple, change your shots in a way that doesn’t affect you both affect your opponent’s ship.


    When you talk about the oldest board games in the world, Backgammon is one. It is a game of 2 players who both have 15 pieces.

    The goal is to move all 15 pieces of checkers first because whoever does this first amongst the 2 players wins. To play, you need to throw only one die. The player who has the highest number of points will move first. Also, it is important to keep track of the game with doubling dices.

    These rules are summarised rules, they’re basics you may need to dig deeper if you want to know more specific things about each of the games.

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