WD Black SN750 PCIe SSD Update Makes It Ready For Next-Gen Gaming

    Ready for next-gen gaming.

    TechQuila WD Black SN750
    WD Black SN750

    Western Digital recently held an event in Bangalore, where they showcased the improvements that they’ve been making in their WD Black lineup. At the event, we saw a number of gaming PCs lined up, all ready to boot up games at blazing fast speeds, with the newest WD Black SN750 installed in all of them. Now that SSD prices have started to decrease, it seems like a good time to take a more in-depth look at the best that you can buy.

    When compared with a standard Hard disk drive at 7200 RPM, the WD Black fared well, with a faster response in every aspect. Of course, that was something we expected, as SSD’s have long been the better option. It’s one of the reasons why we always recommend our readers to go with one, even if it’s just to be used as a boot drive, in our PC Build guides.

    TechQuila WD Black SN750 PCIe SSD

    Keep in mind that these are speeds from the WD Black NVMe SSDs that Western Digital showed us. If you have a SATA based SSD, like some of the ones from our PC build guides, then this doesn’t necessarily apply to them. SATA based SSDs are fast and can improve the performance of a computer, but it still uses the SATA standard which is limited in its throughput (max 600 MB/s).

    In gaming and performance computers where the heavy workload is routine, SATA based SSDs may not always be the best solution. This is where you need something superior comes into the picture – PCIe based SSDs using NVMe protocol. The new firmware with WD’s inhouse controller elevates the performance of the NVMe based Black SSD to up to 3470 MB/s. One thing to keep in mind is that these SSDs don’t have support for PCIe Gen 4.0, which is something AMD brought to the consumer market last year.

    WD Black SN750 is available for up to 2TB, keeping in mind the increasing size of the modern games. There is an Advanced Thermal Management within the architecture, and also a Heatsink variant that lets gaming experience continue for uninterrupted longer durations. It’s an interesting offering considering other NVMe SSDs like the Intel 660p.

    The WD Black SN750 is available right now, and we’ll be reviewing a unit shortly.


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