New Superman Game Incoming? WB Montreal Working on New IP

    Superman Game

    Speculations are running high as WB Montreal is seemingly working on a new IP. Could it be the Superman game we have all been waiting for?

    WB Games

    According to a job posting by WB Games Montreal, the developers of games such as Batman- Arkham Origin and the currently in development Gotham Knights, the studio is looking for a Senior Gameplay/Animation Programmer.

    Now, this wouldn’t have been as interesting as it is if the job listing didn’t imply the new hire would be working on a new IP.

    “WB Games Montreal, a division of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE), seeks a Senior Gameplay/Animation Programmer to work with its game development team responsible for a new IP, AAA title.” – From the careers section of WB Games Montreal’s website.

    Since the studio claims on its own website that the studio seeks to “developing games that expand the DC universe in the interactive space.”, it can be reasonably assumed to mean that WB Games Montreal’s new IP is also a DC game. Could it be the Superman game people keep talking about?

    Well, if James Sigfield is to be believed, the new Superman game is what the studio has been working on. Who’s James Sigfield, you ask? He’s the very same guy who revealed that Rocksteady was working on a new Suicide Squad game.

    Several of James’ tweets have also previously been liked by Patrick Redding, the creative director of WB Games Montreal. A Superman game has been long overdue for the DC games franchise, as a new game has been previously cancelled at least two times.

    Cancelled Superman Game
    Picture of the concept art of the canceled Rocksteady Superman game

    Previously, it was reported that WB games shot down Rocksteady Studios, the developers behind the phenomenal Batman- Arkham series of games when they pitched to develop a superman game. Another instance of the same kind happened in 2013.

    It is hard to speculate on what changed WB studios’ minds on the matter, but we should all just be grateful that we are getting a Superman game at all. The hero hasn’t had a good record with video games as it is.

    What is it about the hero that just doesn’t lead to good games and movies made about him? Is he just too overpowered for people to care, or is he just too cookie-cutter of a character to get interested in?

    Whatever it is, we hope that WB Games Montreal does a good job at bringing him to our screens. Superman deserves it.

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