Wasteland 3: What to Expect


    Wasteland is something of a cult classic within gaming circles. As the spiritual precursor to the Fallout series, it’s long been revered as one of the most important titles in the evolution of action RPG games. It boasts a wealth of interesting innovations that have been used in plenty of other titles over the years.

    For example, one of the core skills featured in it is gambling, which means that games of chance — such as online slots — within the game have a much better chance of providing players with a win. This distinctive element set it apart from other games at the time, and means it is still held up as one of the classics of the action RPG genre.

    So, what can we expect from Wasteland 3? More of the same, or will it continue to innovate and introduce new features that other games will be chasing after for years to come?

    Influenced Fallout

    As it’s more than 30 years old, the original Wasteland may look primitive now, but it was groundbreaking at the time. This was followed up more than 20 years later with a sequel, which was released for a number of different consoles.

    This belated follow-up took players on a trip back to a Fallout- and Fallout 2-style game. The features included in both titles have influenced a large portion of the Fallout series, most obviously the gambling aspects. Fallout often includes areas known for gambling, with one title even being set in a future version of Las Vegas.

    The gamble skill had a big impact on the game, especially as games of skill and luck were a good way to earn extra cash when searching the harsh terrain of Wasteland. Will it be so heavily featured in the new title, or can we expect some surprises?

    Wasteland 3 coming in 2020

    Not a huge amount of promotional material has been released to let us know what will be included in Wasteland 3 so far. However, players have been promised an improved combat system. This will include the ability to use vehicles, and more dangers lurking in the environment. It’s fair to assume these implementations are set to increase the harsh aspects of the wasteland itself.

    There will also be an improved ranger base included in the game. This will most likely be where the gamble skill proves particularly helpful, as other rangers express a desire to try their hand at some games of skill. The story mode is also expected to be improved and the dialogue will be voiced in full, lending the narrative a more cinematic, immersive feel.

    Can it recapture the glory of older titles?

    With AAA titles dominating the landscape at the moment, it might appear that Wasteland 3 is fighting a losing battle. However, the second iteration of the game was deemed such a success that it not only got a director’s cut, but also received console releases after its initial run on PC.

    The critical reaction to Wasteland 2 meant that its sales massively outweighed the production costs, and it did all of this without deviating from the attitude that made the first game such a cult classic. Because of this authenticity and consistency, it’s expected that Wasteland 3 will deliver more of the same, but in a more refined and improved style.

    It’s fair to say that you can expect to play all of the gambling mini games, engage in epic battles, and work through a deep story when Wasteland 3 finally hits the market.

    If you enjoyed the previous games in the series, or if you wish that Fallout would go back to its roots a little bit, Wasteland could be the game for you. It’s expected to be released during May of 2020, across PC and consoles at the same time (so there’s no waiting, unlike with previous entries).

    So, get ready. It’s time to put those Desert Ranger boots back on for one last trek across the Wasteland.

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