Valve Index VR Headset will Ship in June; Preorders Starting May

    Valve Index VR Headset

    Earlier this week, a Steam page appeared for the new Valve Index VR Headset. The Steam page has since been removed but a screenshot reveals that the headset will release with integrated headphones, power adapter and 2 Face Gaskets. The I/O includes the DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0.

    Valve Index VR Headset
    Credits: Madjoki on resetera

    Valve has since confirmed that the specifications listed on the page are inaccurate. The 15th June Shipping Date still isn’t final and ol‘ Gabe is still figuring it out. The full reveal with all the specifications is expected to be on May 1st. Pre-Orders are expected to go live right after the reveal.

    Valve Index Knuckles Controller

    Valve has also confirmed that the new Index VR Headset will use the Knuckles controller

    There’s still no info regarding the resolution, FOV, refresh rate or hardware requirements. Particulars regarding the Index VR Headset should come to light closer to May. Till then, all we can do is speculate.

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