The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most successful consoles in recent memory, already taking the spot of being the fastest selling console in the history of the United States, and having an amazing set of games to boost its credentials. Well, you can add Valkryia Chronicles 4 to that list of games, for its finally releasing on the Switch in fall of this year.

valkyria chronicles

The game was supposed to release within the summer of Japan, but Sega announced that the game had been delayed at SEGA FES 2018. Now, however the game will be available on the Nintendo e-shop for 1,990 yen. Just like the version of the game released for the PlayStation 4, the Switch version will include all the downloadable content pre installed into the game, and in addition to this, the game will include “Reduced Price Purchase Coupon Download Code”, which will allow players to purchase the original game, Valkyria Chronicles, for the Nintendo Switch for a mere 500 yen.

valkyria chrionicles

Valkyria Chronicles 4 takes place within the same time period as the original game Valkyria Chronicles, but instead focuses on a brand new set of characters. It takes place on Europa, where the Second Europan War is fought between the organisations  Atlantic Federation and the Eastern Imperial Alliance. Operation Northern Cross, a last ditch attempt to end the warm is executed, and as part of it, commander Claude Wallace and his comrades are sent to fight imperial soldiers and the Valkyria.


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