Update The Twitter Android App Before Your Account Gets Hacked!

    Update The Twitter Android App Before Your Account Gets Hacked

    The social media giant Twitter has recently fixed a vulnerability found in its Android app. Twitter has also released a notification in which the users have been strictly advised to update their Twitter app to the latest version as soon as possible.

    Talking about the vulnerability, the bug can allow hackers to see non-public account information or control the victim’s account. In simple word, the intruder will be able to send tweets and Direct Messages.

    Twitter has also sent emails to its users talking about the flaw and asked them to immediately update their Twitter Android app to prevent their accounts from getting hacked.

    What Has Twitter Said About The Flaw?

    In the blog post, the Twitter Privacy centre team has clearly explained the possible dangers of this security flaw. According to Twitter, a hacker can get access to the account through “a complicated process involving the insertion of malicious code into restricted storage areas of the Twitter app”.

    Until now, there have been no reports of anyone’s account getting affected by the recent flaw, Twitter confirms. However, it is advised to update the Twitter app to be on the safer side. Talking about iPhone users, they can relax as the vulnerability has only affected Twitter’s Android application.

    How To Fix This Vulnerability?

    The flaw has been patched in the latest Twitter Android app update. You just need to head over to the Google Play Store and update your Twitter App to fix this flaw.

    There is sad news for the animated PNG image fans though. Twitter is going to suspend APNGs from its platform. After the suspension, Twitter users will not able to add animated PNG files to Tweets. This step has been taken for safety purpose.

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