Best Ultra-Budget Phone Under 10,000 INR – Summer 2020 Edition!


    I know, I know. We’re in a lockdown amidst the pandemic. How are you supposed to buy a smartphone, much less take a buying guide like this one for ultra-budget phone(s) seriously? Well, it looks like offline retailers will start setting up shop over the next few days (at least in India) thanks to the relaxations that have been put in place. We can only hope that e-commerce sites follow suit and start shipping non-essential goods. In the meantime, we’re here to help you narrow down your search for the perfect smartphone under 10000 INR, so that when shops do open up – you can seize the best deals!

    Realme C3

    Realme C3 Budget Phone
    Realme C3 represents copious value!

    Under 10000 INR you can’t exactly expect blazing performance or stellar camera performance. A balanced user experience is the name of the game and the Realme C3 offers that with aplomb. With a design that’s easy on the eyes and decent performance being channeled from the rather capable Helio G70 SoC, the C3 goes above and beyond the price for which it’s marketed. Perhaps the biggest highlight is its rather massive 5000 mAH battery that can be used reversibly as a powerbank – a great feature to have on an ultra-budget phone!

    Major Selling Points –

    • Decent Design
    • Great battery life
    • Reverse charging
    • Cheapest phone on this list

    Redmi Note 7S

    Redmi Note 7S Budget Phone
    You can’t go wrong with the Redmi Note 7S!

    Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7S is a complete no-brainer. Premium glass design, Snapdragon 660, the best cameras in the segment and the customizability of MIUI all rolls into one delicious Kati roll. There’s not much else to say about this phone. Xiaomi has absolutely nailed the pricing and the feature set with the Note 7S at a fantastic 10,000 INR. Perhaps the only drawback is the use of last year’s aging 660 SoC. If you aren’t huge on gaming you’ll feel right at home with the Redmi Note 7S as an ultra-budget offering!

    Major Selling Points –

    • Gorgeous Full-HD panel
    • Premium glass design
    • The best camera performance for the price.
    • Continuous MIUI support

    Realme 5

    Realme 5 Budget Phone
    The Realme 5 is a well rounded affair!

    Despite not offering the choice of premium materials akin to the Redmi Note 7S, the secret sauce of the Realme 5 isn’t drastically different. Performance is something that allows the 5 to edge ahead over the Redmi thanks to the gains offered by the Snapdragon 665 (not by much though). The Realme 5 does however offer a more diverse camera array in the form of a wide-angle and macro sensor – pretty nifty for an ultra-budget phone under 10000 INR!

    Major Selling Points –

    • Diverse camera array
    • Great battery life
    • Triple slot for 2 SIMs and Micro SD

    So, which ultra-budget smartphone would we pick?

    I’d have to go with the Redmi Note 7S in this scenario mainly because of its Full-HD display. All said and done, the jump from 720P to 1080P is quite a large one thereby solidifying my choice. Moreover, the primary sensor on the 7S takes some great pictures for its price. Overall, this phone offers the best balance among the key pillars of a good smartphone thereby making it an ideal choice for a first-time smartphone user or as a kid’s first smartphone!

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