Video game publisher and developer, Ubisoft announced the opening of two new Studios, one in Mumbai, India and the other in Odesa, Ukraine. Both these studios will collaborate with a host of other Ubisoft studios on AAA game development.

Ubisoft Mumbai

Ubisoft Mumbai will be the second Ubi studio in India, while Odesa won’t be the first one in Ukraine either. Ubisoft Odesa will join Ubisoft Kiev, a 10 year old studio in Ukraine.

“Our ambition is to contribute towards the development of the Indian videogame ecosystem by partnering closely with top schools and institutions”

Ubisoft Mumbai is collaborating with the Indian Institute of Technology to help research the trending subjects like AI. The studio is partnering with Intuit Lab, and has helped create the Game Art Design program. The Game Art Design program aims at providing a comprehensive quad-year course to rookies interested to test their mettle in the video game industry.

Ubisoft Mumbai

“Odesa has a lot to offer in terms of talent, in particular tech professionals. We’re always on the lookout for high potential markets with the passion, skills, and expertise to create the very best games, and Odesa’s reputation in several key fields makes this investment the perfect match”

Ubisoft Odesa is already open for business and is looking to hire C++ programmers, producers, DevOps specialists, and DevTesters. They are currently accepting CVs. This small studio will most probably collaborate with the other East European studios to contribute towards Ubisoft’s ever-growing list of franchises.

The Assassin’s Creed developer has a lot going on these days. The Division 2 is in development, Far Cry 5 is nearing release and a bunch of other Tom Clancy games are most likely being cooked too, not to mention another Assassins’ Creed game and Beyond Good and Evil.

After recently freeing itself from the grip of fellow French giant Vivendi, the publisher seems to be making news quite often lately, not always pleasant ones though.

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