Twist+ World Charging Station Review


    OneAdaptr is a company based in Hong Kong and Minnesota that specifically aims to solve problems faced by business and leisure travelers. In a bid to achieve exactly that, they have come up with one more product, the Twist+ World Charging Station.


    Design and Features :

    Twist+ World Charging Station is part of the Twist family of products. It features a charging dock for MacBook and four 4.0A USB sockets. Twist+ is capable of powering up your phones and MacBook in over 150 countries using its twisting mechanism that allows you to change the connectors to match the local outlets. At once, Twist+ World Charging Station can charge up to 5 devices using a single power outlet.


    The 12W MacBook charger can be attached to any of the Apple MacBook power adapters by replacing its attached plug. Once attached, the connector can be changed as per the power outlet available using the twist and release mechanism. The charger is designed to use with Apple MagSafe 1 & 2 adapter.

    Technical Specifications :


    • AC Input: 100 ~ 240Vac
    • AC Max. Power: AC 125V ~ 3A / AC 250V ~ 3A
    • USB Max. Output Power: 5Vdc ~ 4.0A
    • USB Input Power: 100 ~ 250 Vac
    • Fuse: 3A
    • Worldwide Patent Pending

    Design is where this charger beats all its competitors, and by a huge distance.

    In Use :

    I have been using the Twist+ World Charging Station for quite some time now and honestly, I am impressed. The design is quite simple yet effective and it gets the job done quite well. The charging speeds are good too. There was no change in the charging times even when all 5 devices were connected simultaneously.


    The twisting mechanism of the unit I received was a bit faulty as one of the connectors didn’t retract into the body even after twisting the ring, but a simple tap on that connector did the trick. The body, although plastic, feels sturdy while still being lightweight. The connector for the MacBook is protected by a plastic cap and it’s highly probable to lose it immediately as the cap doesn’t lock in with the body and can be removed even by a mild shaking. I have been able to use just the European connectors and it works perfectly fine and I am expecting the other connectors to work the same way too.



    In my opinion, Twist+ World Charging Station from OneAdaptr is a must buy if you are a frequent international traveler. It makes sense to buy this even if you don’t own a MacBook as the four 4.0A, 20W high power USB charging ports will allow you to charge different devices simultaneously. There are other alternative chargers with multiple USB slots but none of them provide the worldwide compatibility that this charger offers. The design is innovative and fun to use. As mentioned earlier, the twist mechanism was faulty on the unit I received but I think it’s limited to my unit only and shouldn’t be an issue. To conclude, I would say that the design is where this charger beats all its competitors, and by a huge distance.

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