TSMC’s 4nm Semiconductor Manufacturing Process To Start Trial Ahead Of Its Planned Schedule

Silicon manufacturing giant TSMC based in Taiwan has recently announced that it will start testing its newest 4nm semiconductor manufacturing process ahead of its planned schedule. The 4nm process was supposed to go into trial production in Q4 of 2021 which has now been moved up to Q3.

TSMC’s struggle to keep up

It’s no new news that the semiconductor shortage has plagued the electronics industry as badly as ever. TSMC has made several vows related to their new 4nm, 3nm as well as the current 5nm chips as well.

The semiconductor industry is struggling to keep up with demands but at the same time, TSMC found a way to move ahead of its schedule and try out its new 4nm manufacturing process based on the FinFET architecture which is said to be much more efficient and faster. In terms of numbers, that would be a 15% performance increase and a 30% power consumption drop when compared to the 5nm.

TSMC 1nm

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What else has TSMC planned ahead?

Apart from the 4nm manufacturing process due this year and the 3nm due later next year, TSMC is planning an impressive 1nm semiconductor which is said to be a “breakthrough” in the silicon industry.

It is however quite uncertain at this point of time whether TSMC’s ambitious plans to revive the semiconductor industry with their groundbreaking plans is going to work out or not considering the fact that Taiwan is host to a number of rising COVID-19 cases.

The company further announced a host of other technologies such as new 3DFabric technologies. Read more about these technologies in this article here.

Stay tuned to our website to know more about TSMC’s further announcements and follow-ups on the semiconductor shortage scenario.

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