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    We Found You A New Travel Buddy

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    Do you travel a lot? Is it uncomfortable for you to sleep on flights and buses? Here is the perfect solution! Meet Mon Père, your new travel buddy. It is a travel pillow built specially to help you sleep during long hours of journey.

    What Makes It So Special, You Ask?

    First off, its shape. It consists of two fluffy and soft hands that can be rolled up in any form and position. This pillow can help you rest your head on a surface while you sit on a chair and doze off. It can be rolled up in almost 5 seconds and is quite handy. It is built specially to help you fall deep in sleep even when you’re on a journey. It can help reduce neck soreness, an issue quite common when you have to sit for long hours. A product of MyDaddysArms, its cushion padding and human hand-like shape makes it unique. You can even unzip the sleeve to wash it easily.

    Mon Père can be rolled up and used in many positions. It's up to you to pick your favourite!
    Mon Père can be rolled up and used in many positions. It’s up to you to pick your favourite!
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    Mon Père means ‘My Father’ as translated from French. The story is cute. A father who cared about his daughter came up with this idea. He was particularly concerned about her sleeping position while travelling. Being a sports therapist and trainer, Sylvain Bérubé came to the rescue when he saw his daughter’s bent sleep posture. The Mon Père is perfect for everyone, irrespective of their age!

    Its shape makes it very unique!
    Its shape makes it very unique!

    The current price is $88 for one pillow and $161 for two pillows. They ship worldwide. So what’s your excuse? Go ahead and order one for yourself by clicking here.

    Interested in more? Click here for exciting updates!

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