An Ultrabook is a term coined for the super-cars of the laptop industry. They are generally laptops that contain the U series processors by Intel in a thin and light package and offer great performance with portability. With 2018, this definition has been modified to include amazing design too. So, here are the favourite Ultrabooks of the TechQuila crew!

Top 5 Ultrabooks of 2018:

Huawei MateBook X Pro

Top 5 Ultrabooks - MateBook X ProChoice of: Shayan

This is a serious MacBook replacement. If you want a no nonsense, workhorse, then the MateBook X Pro is for you. Weighing in at just 1.3 kg, this is one of the lightest laptops and is powered by 8th Gen Intel CPUs and NVIDIA graphics.


  • Great keyboard
  • That ridonkulous 91% screen-to-body ratio
  • Long lasting battery
  • Amazing selection of ports


  • Weird camera placement
  • Availability is a big issue
  • And even if you import it, you’re stuck with a great lack of consumer suppport

Dell XPS 13

Top 5 Ultrabooks - Dell XPS 13Choice of: Harshit

The XPS range has been a favourite of the team’s always. This year’s iteration is touted as the smallest 13″ Ultrabook in the world and comes in a gorgeous white and gold finish.


  • Great display with touch support
  • Small, ultra-portable design
  • Amazing battery life
  • Integrated fingerprint sensor in the power button (I’m surprised it’s not an industry standard by now)


  • The camera still looks up your nose.
  • USB-C replaces the standard ports on this one.
  • The more affordable, entry level version does not have the new design.

HP ProBook 440 G3

Top 5 Ultrabooks - HP Probook 440 G3Choice of: Rahul

Now, our Entertainment connoisseur is a dumbass. This is not even a proper Ultrabook. It’s an entry level “business-grade” laptop that he got from Manipal Institute of Technology.


  • Cheap and really affordable
  • The keyboard is surprisingly sturdy and easy to type on with a slight slant to it.
  • Indestructible body. It has fallen a million times and nothing has happened to it.
  • Great selection of ports.


  • A 1366 x 768p display just doesn’t make sense in 2018.
  • It’s pretty bulky and heavy.
  • Speakers are pretty weak and not all that clear.
  • The battery is a small, 55Wh unit.

HP Spectre x360

Top 5 Ultrabooks - HP Spectre x360Choice of: Areej

It is a great performer and head turner with that amazing dual tone body. The battery life is great and the typing experience too is brilliant. This might very well be the best convertible you can get your hands on right now.


  • It has a great touch sensitive display which is a pleasure to work on.
  • You get a stylus, leather sleeve and dongles in the box!
  • The design is one of the best in class.


  • Audio is not on par especially when you consider it’s tuned by Bang & Olufsen.
  • Gets a tad too noisy at times.

MacBook Pro 13″ 2017

Top 5 Ultrabooks of 2018 - MacBook Pro with Touchbar Space Grey 13 inchChoice of: Aswin

So, I’m not a fan of Apple products in general, but I absolutely love the MacBook Pro because of MacOS and the build quality. The Space Grey version is a beauty and with MacOS Mojave’s in-built dark theme (finally!), the software and hardware both look amazing. With a larger trackpad and improved, brighter screen, the MacBook Pro is great to work on. But on a certain level I don’t want to take advantage of it’s portability because of the lack of ports, but its something that you get used to.


  • Amazing build quality.
  • Thinner and lighter.
  • Impressive audio quality.
  • Large trackpad.
  • TouchID is fast and responsive.


  • Apple made it too thin, so it’s not really a Pro when ports are considered.
  • You know the keyboard mechanism sucks when dust can disable buttons.
  • A tad too expensive for that puny OLED strip of a Touch Bar which isn’t all that useful yet.
  • Shorter rated battery life.

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