Tmouse changes the traditional mouse with an innovative strategy


    Tmouse is changing the fundamental structure of a mouse, in search for something more comfortable and useful. The palm grip or the claw grip are unnatural ways to position one’s hands, with the palm’s default position being a closed fist. Making use of this phenomenon, Tmouse have come up with a prototype which totally advances the way we grip a mouse.


    They claim to reduce fatigue, improve efficiency and provide accuracy while performing any task. The mouse contains a combination of touchpad and buttons. The touchpad does the same job as that of the scrollwheel. You can use it to move up, down, left, right in order to navigate through a page. The touchpad is placed right below your middle finger, so you don’t need to move your finger far and can slide it right on the spot.

    The mouse also contains forward and backward buttons to move through webpages, images, files etc. The main click button is placed behind the index finger, so it feels like you’re pulling a trigger when you press down on it. This is especially useful in video games in order to get an authentic experience. They also claim to make use of high-quality sensors which are usually used in gaming mice, to make this mouse popular within the gaming industry.


    Instead of placing your palm over the mouse, Tmouse makes use of the grip where your fingers are inside it. This improves accuracy irrespective of the speed of movement. For an extra $5, there is a Bluetooth version available as well. Tmouse is still prototyping, improving the structure of the mouse at every stage. They hope to achieve mass production in the following months. They’re currently looking for donations as well as feedback to keep the project alive. You can head over to Indiegogo for more information.

    Product specifications:

    Product specifications

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