Kickstarter is the birthplace of many phenomenal games including the likes of Pillars of Eternity and Divinity Original Sin. It’s the go-to place for indie devs looking to test their mettle without the manpower or resources of a publisher. Titan Arena is a classic example of veteran developers trying to strike out on their own without publisher backing. These former God of War devs are raising funds on Kickstarter to bring to fruition their latest sci-fi fantasy- Titan Arena: A VR shooter where you fight giant robots!

Titan Arena at it’s heart is a closed space shooter for players used to the difficulty of the Souls games or with a passion for mech-based combat stemming from games like The Surge or even Battletech.

Titan Arena: A Sci-Fi Shooter By Ex-God of War Devs

At the moment, the Kickstarter page details three different kinds of mechs, a heavily armored almost invulnerable design, a flying behemoth that can crush you from up above and lastly a relatively light-weight model capable, one that’s more nimble and flexible in it’s assaults. The game also mentions secondary enemies, like drones and spiders that are more mobile, but pack lethal weaponry nonetheless.

Plasma Guns and Tethers (Like Just Cause 3)

As for the combat itself, Titan Arena draws from a variety of genres. You mainly rely on energy and plasma weapons, including lasers, rocket launchers and railguns. However, you also get access to tethers allowing you to tear apart the smaller bots or crash them into one another.

You can also use the tethers as ropes to jump from one platform to another or cling onto the mechs in case the ground turns into lava (yikes!).

Titan Arena

You Can Scale Gigantic Mechs!

The best part however is that you can scale the mechs and destroy them from within. Well maybe not from within, but I just really wanted to say that. You can target their more vulnerable spots and if gaming has taught me anything, its that they are often shiny and stand out from a mile. I’ve been playing Dragon’s Dogma lately and I really enjoy climbing onto the larger monsters and stabbing them (…)

Titan Arena looks like a title you might wanna look out for if you are into difficult, arena based games or simply crazy-fun sci-fi shooters with destructive weapons. But hey if that doesn’t sound interesting, you can scale mechs (large sky-scraper sized mechs!). I doubt there’s anyone who doesn’t find that intriguing. Anyway, the Kickstarter project is still in it’s early stages, so keep an eye on it or you know maybe pledge some money.

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