Tips to ensure your Signal App is secure

When it comes to using the internet, data security and privacy are of paramount importance. It is not uncommon to hear horror stories of how cybercriminals have taken advantage of unsuspecting users and stolen money from them. Others even go to the extent of hacking their data and selling it on the black market. While there are security systems in place such as antimalware software, antiviruses, and password managers, it is up to the user to ensure they practice safety online protocols to ensure they stay safe. For example, if you like gambling, it is important to visit a legit online casino that has set up advanced security features to protect the data and information provided by a customer. While at it, you may want to look at the huge selection of games provided at Lucky Nugget Casino and take advantage of their hard to resist bonus offers. However, there are times where users may not be comfortable with how apps collect and use their data. For example, there was an influx of users leaving WhatsApp for other messaging apps such as Signal and Telegram due to a change in the privacy policy. If you have migrated to Signal, here are some tips to ensure you are safe.

Verify safety numbers

One of the biggest advantages is that Signal mainly revolves under privacy. Unlike WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, Signal is run on donations and grants from well-wishers. This makes it independent and free from interference from big tech companies. Users can ensure they communicate securely by verifying safety numbers through messages or scanning QR codes.

Clearing history

Although there is no need to clear your history since Signal is safe and secure, there is a setting to delete what you want if you want to be extra sure of your privacy.

Disappearing messages

Signal has the option of giving users this option if they want to set a time frame for how long a message can be seen before it disappears.

Approving calls

There are times when you can expect to get calls on your Signal app from someone not in your Signal contacts list. When this happens, you will first see their profile picture and a message request will appear, giving you the option to block or approve the call.

Moving phones

Even if you are changing your iOS devices, Signal makes the process of transferring from one device to the other seamless. While you are downloading and registering your Signal information on the device, you will be prompted on whether you want to transfer your account from your old device. You will then be required to scan the QR code that appears in your old device to move over your information.

Numerous features

If you are accessing Signal via desktop, you will be presented with an array of keyboard shortcuts to make it easy and fast to perform some tasks. You will also find features such as stickers and the ability to blur photos.

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