Tiger Lake-U CPUs to Feature 50 Percent More L3 Cache


    More details have emerged about Intel’s upcoming Tiger Lake-U architecture. Based on the 10nm process, Tiger Lake will serve as the stand-in replacement for Ice Lake parts in the 9W and 25W categories. These are processors that have brought serious grunt to the mobile and ultraportable form-factors.

    Leaked information from a processor dump indicates that Tiger Lake will feature 50 percent more L3 cache than its predecessor. It’ll also make use of the AVX 512 instruction set.

    Ryzen’s been in the news for featuring large amounts of L3, what AMD refers to as the “game cache,” something that offsets latency issues associated with the Infinity Fabric design.

    Team Blue hasn’t had to add much more L3 to its designs since this wasn’t a huge bottleneck. However, bumping things up to 12MB of L3 cache has the potential to improve performance significantly. This is particularly relevant when you consider that low-voltage U-series chips run at lower clock frequencies.

    The processor dump (thanks InstLatX64), also indicates that Tiger Lake will feature a Gen12 GPU. With Intel Xe waiting in the wings, it’ll be interesting to see how much more grunt Intel adds to its latest integrated offering.

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