The PlayStation 5 Will launch in the Second Half of 2020


    It seems that Sony’s PlayStation 5 console will launch in the last quarter of 2020 after all. This falls in line with the industry tradition of releasing the next-gen consoles around the holiday season to maximize sales. This latest tip comes from Wall Street journalist, Takashi Mochizuki who in a Tweet claimed that Sony had informed him that there won’t be any new launch in FY2019. He went on to say that Sony is planning to reveal the PS5 in the second half, possibly the last quarter of 2020.

    Furthermore, seems like the PS Now subscription service has been doing really well with an annual growth of 40%, all the way up to 700,000 users. This is quite similar to Microsoft’s Game Pass, and this is a major indicator that cloud-based streaming will be a core segment of the gaming industry in the future. Sony has also said that they’ll be spending a significant portion of the Y31.1Bn profits earned in 2019 to develop the next-generation PlayStation console.

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    A while back, chief architect at Sony, Mark Cerny revealed the basic details about the next-gen console. Now, we know that it will be powered by an octa-core Zen2 CPU, similar to the upcoming 7nm Ryzen processors. The GPU will be a customized version of team red’s illusive Navi GPU which apparently is expected to support ray tracing, although how it’ll be implemented is still a mystery. Lastly, the storage will also be much faster due to the shift to SSDs from conventional hard-drives.

    Microsoft will be alone at E3 this year, and there’s a very good chance that Phil Spencer will reveal the basic details of the Xbox Scarlett project which is said to include consoles, namely a traditional Lockhart and a more powerful Anaconda device for 4K gaming.

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