The Latest Netflix Update Lets Parents Control What Their Children View

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Streaming giant Netflix boasts of a diverse library of movies and TV shows with high-end productions and progressive technology. Its parental controls, though, were a different story altogether. That, however, has changed as of April 7.

Netflix’s profiles got an update, giving parents better control over what their children view on the platform. Although profiles were available on Netflix for quite some time, as long as a section dedicated to kids-related content, the latest update is giving parents and guardians even more power over the type of content that their children are exposed to.

Netflix’s expansion of the parental control options is both for the general section and the designated children’s portal. One of the biggest additions is the ability to remove TV shows and movies by title. For example, if one thinks that Money Heist is too scandalous for their children, they can simply remove the title from Netflix’s settings and the series will no longer appear anywhere when the profile is reloaded.

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This evolved search filter will also extend to removing titles by rating. So if parents only want G-rated kid-friendly titles to show up in profiles, they can do that as well.

Apart from this, parents will now be able to review their children’s viewing history, lock profiles with a 4-digit PIN and restrict screen time by disabling autoplay.
Netflix has gone to the extent of blocking out trailers of filtered content, as well as box art for the same.

The PINs are basically for parent profiles, which primarily have no restrictions on content. These PINs are unique to each profile and can be used for the profile’s modifications. Additionally, to add a new profile, the PIN is again required, in order to get access to all content.

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The restrictions, however, do come with their own set of drawbacks and need some tweaking. So, although the content can be filtered using titles, filtering content using keywords is not available at the moment. So, if a child does not like watching content related to cars, there is no way to filter that out.

Netflix Media Center

Netflix’s Michelle Parsons, Manager of Kids & Family Product Innovation, mentioned that the streaming giant is looking towards perfecting these features in the coming updates.

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Netflix added the new tools in light of the varying needs in households. It offers flexibility to parents so that they can control what their children view – regardless of how old they are. It also adds to the varying cultural needs of people all over the world. However, the company added that there will be no major user interface level design changes since that can potentially disrupt the viewing experience of the people.

Netflix is an American media-service provider and production company whose primary business is its subscription-based streaming service. It offers online streaming of a library of films and television programmes, including those produced in-house.

Netflix streaming has gone up exponentially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, with people stuck in their homes and practising social distancing. Viewership and subscriptions have also reached a record high, even though the production of new TV shows and movies have stalled completely.

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