The Last of Us Now Runs Almost Perfectly on PC, Atleast Visually

    The Last of Us | PS4 Exclusive | Naughty Dog

    Firstly, no Sony didn’t secretly pull a ninja release for their most-loved exclusive on PC (they aren’t so generous, sadly). We’re talking about the PS3 emulator for PC here, RPCS3.

    The emulator recently received a major update which fixes most graphical glitches, if not all, in several games like Uncharted 2, 3, and most importantly The Last of Us. The game now renders almost perfectly, except a few minor exceptions like Depth of Field (it looks better without it, honestly).

    YouTube’s ‘illusion’ has shared the following comparison video between the RPCS3 and the PS4 Pro versions. Both of them were running the game at 1080p 60fps. However, the RPCS3 version was not running in real-time, rather used non real-time recording techniques to keep the comparison only visual.

    Although visually the game renders almost perfectly, the emulator is still in its infancy, so don’t expect low/mid-range CPUs to give a locked 60 FPS just yet. Another thing to keep in mind about emulators is that they are more CPU-intensive than GPU. So, naturally, a GTX 1060 vs 1070 wouldn’t have the same difference that a 6-core i5 vs an 8-core i7 would.

    That said, an i7 10700 along with a GTX 1660 manages to push out around 30 FPS on average, as shown in the video below. But keep in mind that performance on the emulator is inconsistent, dipping to lower 20s in some resource-heavy areas. But more so than not, it hovers around 30-40 FPS, peaking at a smooth 60 at times.

    For more details about the new patch, check out RPCS3‘s official YouTube channel.

    Talking about The Last of Us, our review for the sequel will soon be out. So stay tuned! Also, there’s also a TV show based on the game in the works, incase you didn’t know.

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