The Inexplicable Bermuda Triangle Mystery


    The Bermuda Triangle. The very name stirs up a sense of fear but an equalizing feeling of inquisitiveness. We have all heard our share of bewildering stories of planes vanishing and ships being transported to alternate dimensions, over dinner nights and a plate of crackers. These entertaining yet terrifying stories have haunted the minds of people trying to make sense of this puzzling occurrence on our planet. While the fantastical element is certainly intriguing, how true are these stories? Is the Bermuda Triangle actually shrouded in mystery? Today, we will be discussing some of the theories behind the obscurity. If you wish to have more tales up your sleeve for your next party, keep reading on!

    The Bermuda Triangle is a name given to the area of ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. A very controversial region, it has been riddled with theories ranging from alien interventions to trafficking bases. Here are the most popular theories attempting to provide sense to this mystery!

    A geographical representation of The Bermuda “Devil’s” Triangle.

    As the name suggests, the theory proposes the idea that all the people who have disappeared and have subsequently been declared dead or missing have been sacrificed to a demonic entity or Satan himself. It has been theorized that these people have been dragged to the fiery pits of hell leaving little to no chances of them being found. While some people might scoff at the theory, it certainly seems to be a popular legend as the pseudonym “Devil’s Triangle” is what the region is most frequently referred to as. The theory, in its own right, explains the disappearance of people and machines without a microscopic trace.

    A popular account related to this theory is the ghostly abandonment of the Marie Celeste. On December 5th, 1872 the fated vessel set sail from New York harbour as a cargo container. Mysteriously, the ship disappeared and never made it to its destination. While a shipwreck was speculated, the case became all the more freakish when the vessel was found completely abandoned with no signs of the passengers nor any struggle. Personal belongings, food containers, precious cargo, and lifeboats were still there on the ship. Rotten food abandoned by the passengers mid-meal was found on the table rattling the minds of investigators as to what could have possibly engulfed the crew with no trace and no signs of distress. While people report this incident to have been debunked claiming the vessel to have been found in an entirely different region of the Atlantic, there are still no solid sources proving the legitimacy of either account, the former being believed more than the latter.

    A visualization of the Ellen Austin

    Certain Sci-Fi experts believe that this region might house an extraterrestrial base of sorts, in simpler terms an alien base. Various accounts exist talking about suspicious lights appearing in the sky and flickering in an eerie fashion before disappearing. While it might seem like a petty thing to report considering how many luminous objects exist in our era, the speciality of these lights was that they followed a pattern and resembled a signal or code, hardly a coincidental occurrence.

    One of the most unnerving stories of the Bermuda triangle is the disappearance of the Ellen Austin. In 1881 on a routine voyage, the ship encountered another vessel (considered a bad omen but the crew were reportedly unaware of this legend) completely abandoned but with the supplies and amenities intact. In order to save the ship, a few crew members were sent onboard the mysterious vessel in an attempt to manoeuvre it to New York. As the Austin continued its journey forwards, they soon lost track of the abandoned ship with no means of reaching out to the crew. The Austin crew reached out to base requesting for a rescue ship and stating that they were sending a second set of men onto the abandoned ship. This marked the final communication from the Ellen Austin and the ship was never to be found. Popular accounts talk about the Ellen Austin ghostly riled against the abandoned ship waiting to lure other victims.   

    A similar flight of five Grumman TBM Avengers

    The more plausible of theories, this region is said to have an abnormal magnetic response or field as compared to the rest of the planet. Several people have recalled instances where electronic devices, navigational systems and mechanisms have gone haywire as they approached the area, even along its periphery. Terrifyingly, a great part of the ones who did venture further in are not alive to tell the tale. Conspiracy enthusiasts and science men alike have tried to develop a counter technology to resist the abnormality of the field but none has been successful so far, which in itself is astounding considering how advanced a world we live in right now and magnetic fields are hardly a puzzle to play with for the brilliant minds out there.

    This weird occurrence is said to tally with the disappearance of Flight 19. On the eve of December 5th (Yes, it is the same day as the previous account. Scared yet?), 1945 five of the best Avenger Bombers of the US Navy vanished into nothingness, while carrying out a routine mission. The squadron’s commander, Lieutenant Charles Taylor was constantly in touch with the base until his frequency broke down, mid-sentence. From all the recordings on board the aircrafts, what was initially reported was the compasses going haywire and subsequently not working. Again, there was no sign of distress or intervention, just silence. If you thought the story couldn’t get any worse, the rescue force dispatched to search for any possible survivors disappeared in almost exactly the same manner when their frequency broke down mid-sentence.


    Adding to the supernatural aura of the place, the Bermuda Triangle is said to have its own weather conditions and environment. There have been reports of deadly tornadoes and violent storms when there were no such weather predictions for the area. These strange anomalies have no explanations and for the time being, seem beyond the comprehension of mere mortals. Although various attempts have been made to explain these occurrences scientifically, they are only ever able to make sense of a part of the mystery leaving the rest of it unexplained or even contradictory.

    A popular story that could potentially be linked to this is the disappearance of the Connemara IV. On September 26th, 1955 a pleasure yacht was found adrift in the Atlantic south of Bermuda. It was stated that the crew vanished as the yacht endured three hurricanes of gargantuan magnitude.

    The SS Cotopaxi

    Again, the less fantastical of theories, it is believed that this region sits on a bed or marsh of methane hydrates. This could explain a part of the mystery as methane hydrates are known to reduce water density leading to the sinking of ships. However, this theory still cannot prove the disappearance of flights or the discovery of abandoned ships with just missing crew members nor can it verify if these mere hydrates are capable of sinking iron giants with sophisticated technology.

    On the 1st of December 1925, SS Cotopaxi, having departed Charleston, South Carolina two days earlier bound for Havana, Cuba, radioed a distress call reporting that the ship was sinking. She was officially listed as overdue on 31 December. The ship with its occupants was never found again.


    The more interesting and perhaps less grotesque (relatively) of theories is the possibility of the existence of a time tunnel. People claim to have experienced electronic fog or an electronic portal of sorts in the triangle which causes travellers to experience a time lapse. People have reported difficulty in keeping track of time in the conventional sense and experiencing time jumps and sometimes a seamless change in location as well.

    Most publicized of such accounts is by Mr Bruce Gernon. He claimed that he lost 28 minutes while flying over the Bermuda Triangle, and re-emerged on Miami Beach, 100 miles farther than his source. The intriguing bit is that he claimed to have traversed to this location in a matter of seconds with no notice of change in landscape or surroundings. While people might dismiss this as a pedestrian theory, it was also backed by the claim that the plane went off the radar at the base station, only to re-emerge in Miami within seconds.

    While many accounts have been debunked or scientifically justified, many others still remain unsolved and leave room for speculation and theory. Certainly not entertaining in the real sense, the Bermuda Triangle serves as conspiracy spectacle and a region in need of more unravelling. Be it extra-terrestrial, paranormal, a secret government organization or just a story over a campfire, it certainly makes us think beyond what we deem normal and pushes the confines of our systematic mind to consider the possibility that we might not be alone or the most superior beings to exist in the universe.

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