The Future of Secret Network


    We are rapidly approaching the exciting Supernova mainnet upgrade – a massive turning point for our ecosystem that will include the integration of IBC, a protocol for inter-blockchain communication. This is the biggest mainnet upgrade for SCRT since September of 2020, which saw the implementation of privacy-preserving secret contracts, making Secret Network the only Layer 1 blockchain with data privacy by default for smart contracts.

    Supernova: An Explosive Vision for the Future of Secret Network

    Supernova – our first major mainnet upgrade since Secret Contracts launched in September 2020 is nearly here. Learn how this achievement will bring new interoperability and cement Secret Network as the privacy platform for Web3!

    Since then, we have seen the creation of a swathe of applications that leverage the encrypted input, state, and outputs empowered by secret contracts – many of which are only possible on Secret.

    Examples of mainnet applications already built using Secret Contracts are:

    SecretSwap, our first DeFi application, and the world’s first cross-chain, privacy-first AMM with $350M in historical volume – as well as the first app to feature on-chain private voting for governance. (See Coindesk’s writeup!)

    Secret Auctions, a privacy-preserving sealed-bid OTC marketplace where users can exchange assets peer-to-peer and with minimal fees.

    Secret Bridges that connect other ecosystems directly to Secret Network (such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Monero – with more coming, like Terra).

    Secret Heroes, a Secret NFT based video game built on Secret Network where heroes can do battle with each other.

    Secret Gardens serves as a platform to create, manage, and explore Secret Tokens on Secret Network.

    Secret Converter enables the conversion of SCRT to sSCRT, and vice versa.

    All of these Secret Applications are an example of the growing application layer on Secret Network. In addition to this, over 10 grants have been distributed to projects in development such as:

    Fardels, a distributed social network application.

    Altermail, the world’s first blockchain-based decentralized messaging service protocol.

    And Griptape, a front-end development framework for easily interacting with wallets and Secret Contracts.

    But this is just scratching the surface. Now it’s time to not only look at the present state of the network but its immediate future.

    Today, the Secret Network developer community is excited to present the first Secret Network Ecosystem Roadmap – featuring over 20 development companies, teams, individuals, and projects currently building on Secret Network. Building this ecosystem-wide roadmap took an immense amount of collaboration, which is a reflection of all of the hard work that is currently being put into the application layer on Secret. The roadmap will be regularly updated in the future, giving the Secret community visibility on the evolution of the various projects built on and for Secret Network.

    Click here for a full hyperlinked version to find out more about each project!


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