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    The all-new​ Kindle Oasis (10th Gen), now with an adjustable​ warm light, just launched

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    Amazon’s Kindle series has been one of the bestselling e-readers in the market ever since it was introduced back in 2007. To keep their flame going, another refresh has been introduced on the high-end ‘Oasis’ series, though it’s a fairly minor one.

    The all new Kindle Oasis 2019(10th Gen)

    The ability to shift into the warmer, slightly yellow tone automatically or manually when needed, from a cooler, bluish tone is the main update. This is especially helpful for nighttime reading as it slowly shifts into the warmer range of colours to help you get a better night’s rest. 

    Adjustable Warm Light
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    The rest of the features are simple updates over the former model. It’s thinner and lighter to hold with dedicated page-turning buttons on the side-grip, IPX8 rated water-resistance with up to 2 meters for 60 minutes underwater and a sharp resolution of 300 ppi on a 7” glare-free screen, the latter of which are mostly similar to the previous iteration. All these make for a truly enriching reading experience.

    The Kindle Oasis is waterproof, so you can go reading anywhere you wish

    But of course, coming to the price, these are on the steeper side as they are the premium offerings of the Kindle family —

    • The 8GB version with WiFi costs ₹21,999.00 whereas the 32GB version with WiFi costs ₹24,999.00.
    • There’s also the 32GB version with WiFi and free 4G which would set you back by ₹28,999.00.
    Thin, ergonomic and with page-turn buttons

    It is now available for pre-order here, with an expected release date of 19th August in India, while it has already been out in certain countries since 24th July. You get the first e-book for free on pre-ordering.

    Images courtesy: amazon.in

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