How Tech Can Help You Save Money in 2020

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    There’s very little that you can’t do with money in 2020. Cash, online, crypto — our currencies have kept up with the times and what once was a paper carrier that held some type of written value can now be traded and exchanged and sent throughout the world in just a click of a button.

    Not only that but you can invest it, convert it into cryptocurrency and buy almost everything you can think of again, with just a couple of taps on your screen. Need to transfer INR to BTC? Sure thing, you can do so from your iPhone.

    But with the fluidity that monetary transactions are experiencing it seems like saving that money is now a bit harder. Before you could leave your cash at home, but now that’s no longer the case. Sure, you can ditch your credit card at home, but your can still pay with your phone.

    But the truth is, it shouldn’t be that difficult. You have to just set your mind to it and you’ll start saving money in no time. It’s just a matter of using that same technology in a better, more optimized way.

    You now have the ability to store your money into crypto and other currencies.

    Yup, the freedom of exchanging money can be a great way for you to save your money if you exchange them in the proper currencies.

    It’s something similar to how people a couple of decades ago bought gold because it never went down in value. Now, that same technology is proving to be crypto.

    Free of any central banking and regulatory system, cryptocurrency value doesn’t fall when the stock markets do, so it’s only a matter of doing your homework, researching, and investing smartly.

    Leverage apps and tools to better manage and track where you spend your money.

    Those same apps that give you the freedom to send money to your friend on the other side of the world in less than two minutes are the same that can help you store and lock a given amount that you can’t touch.

    It’s like a savings account, just those companies are less likely to lend them to other people. While you don’t get the interest, you get to save some of your money, which is great if you’re working with fairly small amounts of cash.

    You’ll pay less to transfer money throughout the world and different currencies.

    Fintech companies are saving you money big time with cutting the cost of sending money throughout the world. Now, some companies allow you to do the same for free, while others will charge just a very small amount. Before you had to pay an upwards of 40 percent of the amount you were transferring.

    Better track your payments and invoicing to optimize cash flow and keep track if clients haven’t paid you.

    You can keep track of everything. And we mean everything. Clients aren’t paying you on time? Chase them with a couple of clicks! Companies have grown from nothing to leaders in the market of payment management systems and there’s a reason for that — people need the product.


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