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Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Headset is Arriving Next Month for $99

After years of introducing its first wireless headset, the Xbox One Headset, in 2014, Microsoft is back with...

Halo Infinite Community Director Confirms New ‘Inside Infinite’ Update Coming Next Week

Halo Infinite's community director has assured fans that 343 Industries' monthly update schedule, called 'Inside Infinite', is on track ahead of the Xbox game's fall 2021 launch. The next update will drop sometime next week, which will give more insight into the sandbox team's vision for the game.

No, Microsoft Didn’t Buy Sony: Rumors Ironed Out

2020 just can't stop with its surprises and earlier this morning people woke up to peculiar news...

Dirt 5 Technical Director Explains Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture Is Almost On Par With PS5

In a recent interview with GameOnDaily, Dirt 5's technical director went on to explain how the Xbox Series X's I/O throughput and Velocity Architecture are almost on par with that of the PS5.

Bethesda Austin is Working on a New Game Called ‘SpyTeam’

Bethesda Montreal and Austin have been working on a new game called 'SpyTeam'. The game hasn't been announced to the public yet.

Xbox to Host a New Let’s Play Event on November 10 to Celebrate Xbox Series X|S Launch

Microsoft hasn't been in the news with positive vibes as of late. The Xbox Series X hasn't...

Xbox Series X Unboxing Video Already Public One Month Before Release

Yep, that's right - one Xbox Series X unboxing video is already public even a month before the console releases.

Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Enhancement Is Bonkers- But Will PS5 Follow Suit?

First Impressions on Xbox Series X's backwards compatibility are now public, and it seems like Xbox has done a tremendous job on providing better performance on legacy games. Will the PlayStation 5 offer a similar backwards compatibility offering?