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Whatsapp Brings Voice and Video Calling to Desktop App

After much of a wait, WhatsApp has finally brought the voice and video calling support for its...

Elon Musk Tweets “Use Signal”, 1100% Surge in Unrelated Stock with Similar Name

Elon Musk's tweet promoting the use of messaging service "Signal" led to the stocks of another over the counter company of a similar name, skyrocketing.

WhatsApp Read Later and Advanced Wallpaper Features are Now in Testing — What they are and How they will Work

WhatsApp is on a roll. After adding payments, a new storage manager, disappearing messages, and a shopping...

Facebook Launches WhatsApp Pay in India: Step-by-Step Guide to Activate it

Facebook has finally launched WhatsApp Pay in India, after two years of testing and delays. Here's how to set up an account on it.

WhatsApp to Bring Personalised Wallpapers for Different Chats

WhatsApp is going to bring different wallpapers for different chats. This feature is now being tested and will be available through WhatsApp wallpaper app

WhatsApp has Now Enabled Chat History to be Synced on Many Devices

The much needed and asked for feature is set to roll out, now WhatsApp allows the users to use their account on multiple devices as many as four!

New Features on WhatsApp: What to Expect

WhatsApp is coming out with quite a few new features to offer to its audiences.

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Feature ‘Search The Web’ To Fight the Spreading of Misinformation

WhatsApp is set to roll out a new feature in its efforts to stop the spread of fake information - Search The Web. Here's how it works.