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Six Shots a Year Can Prevent HIV

A new study shows that six shots a year of an antiretroviral (ARV) Drug can prevent HIV in women. Learn more about this groundbreaking discovery.

Flu Vaccine Made from Tobacco Plants: New Study

A new study has produced a flu vaccine from tobacco plants which is on par with the currently available ones. Find out more.

Vaccines Now More Effective Due to Newly Discovered Ingredient: Report

Most vaccines prepared to fight deadly diseases contain adjuvants that make their reaction stronger by releasing a more robust immune response. Find out more.

When Will the COVID-19 Pandemic End?

It has been more than 6 months and we are still sitting at home, desperately waiting for any signs of hope. When will the pandemic truly end? Find out more.

India’s First COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Covaxin’: AIIMS Starts Human Trials

Human trials of India's first COVID-19 vaccine, "Covaxin" begins at AIIMS, Delhi. Read all about it here, how to contribute & participate in the human trials.

Learn Why Coronavirus Makes Us Lose Our Sense Of Smell

The loss of sense of smell is considered to be the main symptom in the early onset of the coronavirus. Find out why.

Coronavirus: How Far Away Are We From A Vaccine?

The spread of the deadly coronavirus continues, almost unimpeded throughout the world. Even as several countries have...

Can AI Do A World Of Good In The Race To Find A COVID-19 Vaccine?

“Ultimately, we need a cure. To be able to tackle that, we need to accelerate science. We...