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The Human Mind Resembles the Universe: New Study

The universe is as immense as the human mind, researchers have found. Read on to find out what this means and how similar the two are.

The Universe Is Getting Hotter as It Expands: New Study

A new study has revealed that contrary to previous knowledge, the Universe is getting hotter as time passes. Find out more.

Another Universe Existed Before the Big Bang: Nobel Laureate Sir Roger Penrose

Nobel Prize laureate Sir Roger Penrose believes there was another universe before the Big Bang. How does this translate into our present understanding of the universe?

Dying Stars and their Beautiful Aftermaths

A recent discovery shows the reason behind the variance in the shapes and colours of different nebulae resulting from the death of similar stars.

Largest 3D Map of The Universe Yet

A group of researchers have come up with the largest 3D map of the Universe yet. Find out what problems it aims to solve.

A Neutron and its Lifetime

A new method of measuring the lifetime of a neutron has been put forward. It aims to end the previous conflict over the same topic.

4 Objects Found In Deep Space That Are Unlike Anything

The discovery of four new objects which the astronomers have been unable to explain is making waves in the scientific community.

Viral Parallel Universe Theory Debunked

A parallel universe theory went viral on the internet. Here's how the theory was found to be baseless and soon debunked.

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