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Aurora: Nature’s Miracle You Do Not Want to Miss

Aurora, also popularly known as polar light (Aurora Polaris), is a natural phenomenon that consists of colourful lights. Learn more about this surreal sight.

Do Aliens Exist? Ex-Israeli Space Chief Reveals in a Shocking Claim that Aliens Have Arrived

Making an unprecedented claim, Israel's former head of Defense Ministry's space directorate Haim Eshed said that aliens are actually out there in the universe.

The Universe is Getting Hotter: Discussion

A new study has found that the Universe is getting hotter. It examined the thermal history of the universe over the last 10 billion years.

The Human Mind Resembles the Universe: New Study

The universe is as immense as the human mind, researchers have found. Read on to find out what this means and how similar the two are.

The Universe Is Getting Hotter as It Expands: New Study

A new study has revealed that contrary to previous knowledge, the Universe is getting hotter as time passes. Find out more.

Another Universe Existed Before the Big Bang: Nobel Laureate Sir Roger Penrose

Nobel Prize laureate Sir Roger Penrose believes there was another universe before the Big Bang. How does this translate into our present understanding of the universe?

Dying Stars and their Beautiful Aftermaths

A recent discovery shows the reason behind the variance in the shapes and colours of different nebulae resulting from the death of similar stars.

Largest 3D Map of The Universe Yet

A group of researchers have come up with the largest 3D map of the Universe yet. Find out what problems it aims to solve.