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YouTube’s streaming service is the next big plan: Internal Reports from 13th August

YouTube, one of the Alphabet Inc's premium companies is planning to launch a new streaming service this...

A New Laser System Cuts Through the Atmosphere Effortlessly

A new technology developed by researchers can use laser to communicate through the atmosphere effortlessly. Find out more.

New Glove-like Device Mimics Sense of Touch

Engineers at the University of New South Wales, Sydney have created a soft wearable device that recreates the sense of touch using haptic technology. Find out more.

US Elections 2020: How Astronauts Vote While in Space

NASA space traveller Kate Rubins, who will be onboard the International Space Station can still vote for the US elections. Find out how she and others can vote from space.

AI Finds Thematic and Stylistic Connections Between Different Pieces of Art

Critics spend decades trying to find connections between different pieces of art. An AI algorithm has been designed to find hidden connections at the MET.

Alien Technology Not Found Across 10 Million Stars: New Study

A recent search for signs of alien technology has yielded disappointing results. Find out what happened.

Japan’s SkyDrive ‘Flying Car’ Carries Out First Successful Test Flight

Japan's SkyDrive has conducted a successful test flight for its 'flying Car' with one person on board. Find out more.

Nokia To Set Up First-ever Innovative Robotics Lab at The Indian Institute of Science

Nokia is set to open a robotics lab at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru to study relevant use cases based on 5G and upcoming technologies.