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New Drug for Treating Obesity Reduces Body Weight by 20%

According to a major global study involving UCL researchers, about 35% of people who tried a new drug for treating obesity experienced increased weight loss.

Why Cancer in Elephants is Rare

Why it is rare to find cancer in elephants has been a mystery, with it usually being seen in large animals. A recent study has explained why.

Some Small Islands Have Grown Bigger: New Study

A new study has revealed that in the face of rising seas, some reef islands have grown in size in the past few decades. Find out more.

The Brain and Its 2 Sides: New Study

A new study aims to throw more light on how the two hemispheres of our brain communicate with each other. Find out more.

Rare Earth Elements Mystery Solved by a New Study

In a new study, geologists have solved a mystery related to rare earth elements and how they form. Find out more.

This Cuttlefish is Flamboyant on Special Occasions Only

The Flamboyant Cuttlefish exhibit strange but intriguing behaviour at different stages of their life. Find out more.

Judges Show More Mercy After Lunch: Study

The saying, "Justice depends on what the judges ate for breakfast," may have some truth to it. Find out more.

Alien Technology Not Found Across 10 Million Stars: New Study

A recent search for signs of alien technology has yielded disappointing results. Find out what happened.