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NVIDIA Broadcast App Combines RTX Voice, RTX Green Screen & More For All Your Streaming Needs

Alongside the glorious announcement of the GeForce RTX 30 series, NVIDIA has also announced the arrival of a new NVIDIA Broadcast standalone app for enhancing your streaming needs.

AVerMedia Turns 30 in the Young Gaming Industry- Celebrates With Massive Giveaway [Press Release]

AVerMedia's 30th anniversary fortnight will be celebrated with its dedicated channel partners and customers who have been aligned with the brand over the years.

How To Play Games Without Graphics Card (GPU) – Free Cloud Gaming Setup

Ever wonder how you can play graphics-intensive games without a gaming PC? With a decent internet connection, you can set up your own Cloud Gaming PC.

‘Cloud Gaming Is More Secure’ – Akamai On Game Streaming In India and More

Akamai, one of the world leaders in content delivery and cloud security, recently held its first Indian...

NVIDIA RTX Broadcast Engine Brings Twitch Livestreams to Life with AI

Leading into TwitchCon — the world’s top gathering of livestreamers— we’re announcing the RTX Broadcast Engine, a...

How To Stream On Twitch/Mixer From Your Gaming PC [OBS Guide]

Streaming on platforms like Twitch & YouTube is a great way to share your love for, well, anything. Here's a guide that will help you in setting up your existing gaming PC for the job.

Stadia streaming could use 1TB of data in 65 hours; Indian Gamers Worry

Yesterday, Google dropped a ton of new details on its Stadia streaming service. We got information on...

Google’s Game Streaming Service ‘Stadia’ Revealed-Everything You Need to Know

At GDC 2019 Gaming, search giant Google unveiled its plans for a new cloud gaming platform - Google Stadia. Here's what you need to know.