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Outriders Review – Gears of War, But As An RPG-Looter-Shooter?

What do you get when you combine Gears of War and Destiny? Outriders is the latest looter-shooter that follows a little too close to formula.

Marvel’s Avengers Roadmap Updated Amid Decreasing Player Count

Marvel's Avengers is, by all means, a 'dead game', with dwindling player counts across the board, but a new roadmap update might be the spark that lights the fire of happy fans returning.

E3 2021 Will Be Online Only; Sony, Square Enix and EA Not Participating

After a year's absence, the E3 2021 showcase will be held completely online, with many publishers participating, including Ubisoft and Xbox, and some like Sony holding off their own event.

Exclusive Interview with Rajan Navani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, JetSynthesys on Ludo Zenith, Partnership with Square Enix, Indian Gaming Scenario and More

Earlier this month, Square Enix published Ludo Zenith in India, which is being developed and marketed by Pune based JetSynthesys. We at TechQuila had an opportunity to interview Rajan Navani, Jetsynthesys' Chairman.

‘Square Enix Presents’ Games Showcase Set For March 18 – Life Is Strange 3, Outriders, Final Fantasy XVI and More Gameplay To Be Revealed

Square Enix has announced that it will host its own game showcase called Square Enix Presents (getting original, are we?) on March 18, which will focus on Life is Strange 3 and new game reveals, as well as updates to existing games.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy Leaked by Microsoft Store Listing

The existence of Tomb Raider : Definitive Survivor Trilogy has been leaked by a listing on the Microsoft Store - which has since been removed.

Kingdom Hearts Series Coming to PC on Epic Games Store, Will Sell At Full Price

The entire Kingdom Hearts franchise is finally coming to PC on Epic Games Store. However, it's not all good news for many fans as all games are all being priced in the $50-$60 range.

Kate Bishop is Coming to Marvel’s Avengers in New Expansion, But It’s Still Not Enough To Save The Game

A new Marvel's Avengers War Table video showcases the new addition to the game - Kate Bishop. But is a new character and new expansion worth jumping back into the game?