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The Largest Asteroid that Passed by Earth this Year was Moving Very Fast

NASA predicted that the largest asteroid to closely pass by the Earth would move at a safe distance. Although considered safe, it could pose danger in the future.

World’s Largest Airplane in Line to Launch Space Vehicles

The Stratolaunch will be used to launch rockets and space vehicles from high atmospheric locations into the stars. Find out more about this massive airplane!

Rare Meteorite Discovered in the UK

The Winchcombe meteorite is an extremely rare meteorite type known as a carbonaceous chondrite. Find out more about this unique discovery made in the UK.

Ocean Currents Like Earth Could Be on Enceladus Too: New Analysis

A new analysis suggests that Enceladus' ocean could have currents just like Earth. Find out more.

New Molecules Identified in Space for The First Time

Researchers have identified a class of molecules in outer space that had never been seen outside a planet before.

Particles Accelerated Due to Radiation Belt Around Earth

In a new discovery, researchers have discovered particles can be accelerated to neat light speeds by the radiation belt around Earth. Find out more.

Glaciers Found on Mars Gives Insight into its History

An analysis of the glaciers found on Mars revealed to the astronauts a bit about the planet's vast and interesting history.

2 SpaceX Starships to be Tested at Once: Elon Musk

CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk hints that we might see two SpaceX starships being tested together "soon". Find out more.