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Sun Erupts with the Biggest Solar Flare in 4 Years, Causing Brief Radio Blackout

The biggest solar flare erupted on the sun and smacked into the Earth’s atmosphere with an energy equivalent to millions of hydrogen bombs. Find out more!

No Hope of Life in the Clouds of Venus, but Maybe in Jupiter’s, Study Suggests

Scientists reveal there is little possibility for life in the clouds of Venus, but Jupiter may hold potential for extraterrestrial life. Find out more!

Comet from the Edge of the Solar System Responsible for the Extinction of Dinosaurs

About sixty-six million years ago, a huge comet, and not an asteroid, that originated from the edge of the solar system wiped out the dinosaurs.

Asteroid Orbiting the Sun Closer Than Venus: New Discovery

A new study has found an asteroid where it should not be. Find out what these means for our current methods of asteroid location prediction.

New Images Of The Sun Reveal ‘Campfires’

New images of the Sun as taken by the Solar Probe have revealed the existence of small flares dubbed 'campfires'. Find out more.

Mystery Of The Ninth Planet Could Be Solved

The title of the Ninth Planet could go to a yet undiscovered distant cousin of our planet in the outer edges of the Solar System.

A New Way of Studying Exoplanets

Planets found outside our solar system are known as exoplanets. These distant clumps of rock represent the...

Pluto Might Have A Warm Sub-surface Ocean

Pluto is probably the most distant relative of Earth in the Solar System, distance-wise. Located at the...