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Social Media Users ‘Copy’ Friends’ Eating Habits

According to a new study, social media users are more likely to eat healthy or junk food if they think their friends do the same. Find out more.

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Feature ‘Search The Web’ To Fight the Spreading of Misinformation

WhatsApp is set to roll out a new feature in its efforts to stop the spread of fake information - Search The Web. Here's how it works.

India launches its first end-to-end encrypted Social Media App – Elyments

The Vice President of India, today, introduced India's first privacy-focused social Media app Elyments. In this article we take a deeper look into it.

Google Photos Disables Image Backups from Social Media

Google Photos have temporarily stopped the back up of photos and videos from the social media apps. The change comes in late but it is to save bandwidth.

Studies Show Rural India consumes More Internet than Urban India

The latest report by IAMAI shows that rural India is spending more time on the internet compared to urban India, reason being internet has become affordable!

Facebook’s Safety Feature ‘Lock Your Profile’ Will Safeguard Users in India

Facebook launches a new safety feature which lets one lock their profiles to prevent stalkers from getting access to their online profiles.

Instagram’s Threads Is Their Attempt At Dethroning Snapchat

Back in May, Instagram stopped working on its new messaging app called ‘Direct’ after spending about two...

Tumblr Bought By WordPress. What Comes Next?

Automattic, a web development corporation, recently bought Tumblr. They're well renowned as the owners of the blogging...