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Researchers Reveal Potential of SADS-CoV Spreading from Animals to Humans

Scientists have found that the animal virus SADS-CoV efficiently replicates in the human liver and gut cells thus implying potential animal to human transmission.

The Most Precise Measurements of Dark Matter Yet

The precise measurements of dark matter have been a long time mystery. Now, scientists have shed light on the topic with exciting additions. Find out more.

3 Scientists Win The Nobel Physics Prize For Black Hole Breakthrough

Three scientists, Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel, and Andrea Ghez, won the 2020 Nobel Physics Prize for extraordinary research work about black holes.

UV Light Can Destroy COVID-19, Won’t Harm Humans

According to researchers, ultraviolet (UV) radiation can be used to effectively kill the novel COVID -19 virus without causing harm to humans.

Complete Human X Chromosome Sequence Achieved By Scientists

A major milestone for genomics research with the first end-to-end completely gapless DNA sequence of a human chromosome.

The Era of New Artificial Researchers Gains Momentum

Artificial intelligence is now capable of performing science experiments and learning from the results. Find out more about the artificial researchers.

Scientists Discover New Species of Fungus, on Twitter

Researches found a new fungus, now given the scientific name Troglomyces twitteri, while scrolling on the micro-blogging site Twitter.