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Unique Mode of Cancer Cell Migration Observed on Soft and Squishy Surfaces

Engineers from Stanford found a unique mode of cancer cell migration on soft and squishy materials that are similar to biological tissues. Find out more.

New Research Reveals Mice Naturally Follow Physical Distancing

An MIT study has identified a brain circuit in mice that makes them maintain a distance from someone who appears to be sick.

Dealing with Underwater Anthropogenic Noise: Part 2

The paper published in the journal Science talks about the effects of anthropogenic noise pollution in the ocean. Find out more.

Modifying Artificial Intelligence to Work Like Human Intelligence Enhances its Learning Ability

Two neuroscientists have designed a model using computer-based artificial intelligence that mirrors human visual learning. Find out more.

Making Saltwater Drinkable: Efficient and Cheaper Method Discovered

A study published in Science sheds light on the potential for desalination of saltwater to be a solution to the water crisis and shows a method which uses less energy and cost.

People Without Symptoms Responsible for Spreading 50% of New COVID Infections

A new study published recently claims that 50 percent of the new infections are caused by people without any symptoms.

Korean Artificial Sun Sets New World Record: Burning at 100 Million Degrees for 20 Seconds

An Artificial Sun set a world record as it successfully maintained a plasma for 20 seconds, with a temperature of over 100 million degrees Celsius.

Where Anxiety Comes From Explained In a New Study

In a study researchers have reported to have found the neurons responsible for the feeling anxiety in mice. Find out more.