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Exciting Radio Signal from Proxima Centauri Detected: New Discovery

An exciting new radio signal from the Proxima Centauri system has been detected and has grabbed the attention of the scientific community.

Scientists May Have Received Radio Emissions from an Alien World

For the first time, scientists may have detected radio emissions from an alien world, from a planet orbiting a star beyond our Sun.

Fast Radio Bursts Originating in Our Galaxy Caught Again

Fast radio bursts are not rarely detected twice from the same source, however, researchers have done just that. Find out more.

Alien Technology Not Found Across 10 Million Stars: New Study

A recent search for signs of alien technology has yielded disappointing results. Find out what happened.

A Radio Burst Just Woke Up, Confirming Brilliant Prediction

A new report suggests that a radio burst has woken up at the exact time the researchers had predicted. Find out more.