Tag: quantum physics

Time Crystals: We Can Now Control Them

In a new experiment, researchers have controlled the interaction between two time crystals. Find out more.

Quantum Battery: An Achievement of Note

Researchers have announced the invention of a quantum phase battery which works in superconducting circuits. Find out more.

New Theory Suggests Time May Be Bigger Than We Imagine

A new theory suggests that the smallest unit of time might be bigger than what we had assumed initially. Find out more.

New Quantum Computer Technique Which Can Reverse Time

Quantum computer can be used to carry out very heavy calculations. Researchers have utilized this capability to run a simulation to study time travel.

The Creation Of ‘Photon Crystals’

A new experiment aims to create intra-photonic interactions that are repulsive in nature. Find out more.

15 Trillion Hot Atoms Entangled

Researchers have successfully entangled 15 trillion atoms together at a temperature not suitable for entanglement.

A Moment of Quantum Measurement

Quantum Measurement refers to the act of observing a quantum system, which forces it into a definite...