Tag: Quantum Entanglement

Large Objects Entangled in a New Physics Experiment

In a new experiment, researchers were able to entangle macroscopic objects together and were able to observe the entangled objects. Find out more.

15 Trillion Hot Atoms Entangled

Researchers have successfully entangled 15 trillion atoms together at a temperature not suitable for entanglement.

First Prototype of Quantum Radar

A recent invention by researchers was revealed to be a quantum radar which can detect objects even in a noisy environment.

Quantum Mechanics And The RE Problems

Solving puzzles has been Computer Scientists’ job from day one. From the days of Alan Turing, that’s...

Quantum Entangled Electrons Found in ‘Strange Metal’ – Could an Upgrade In Computing Be On Its Way?

Researchers are studying the properties of rather strange metal, which has billions of electrons Quantum Entangled in it.