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Unexpected Structure Discovered Inside Plant Cells: New Study

In a new discovery, researchers have discovered a structure in a cell organelle which we did not know about. Find out more.

Scientists Unravel Mystery of Photosynthesis

Scientists explain the initial, ultrafast events through which photosynthetic proteins capture light and use it to initiate a series of electron transfer reactions.

Leaves of Plants Could Help Identify Buried Human Remains: New Study

A new study points to the possibility that the colour of the leaves of plants can be used to identify whether there are buried human bodies nearby.

Scientists Create Artificial Chloroplast

The basis of most of the symbiotic ecological relationships is photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the method through which...

Do Plants Perceive Light As Humans Do?

Plants and animals perceive light in different ways. Light supplements our vision and helps us see things...