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No Hope of Life in the Clouds of Venus, but Maybe in Jupiter’s, Study Suggests

Scientists reveal there is little possibility for life in the clouds of Venus, but Jupiter may hold potential for extraterrestrial life. Find out more!

Extreme Planet Found in a New Discovery

A new exoplanet has been discovered that has some of the most extreme characteristics ever found on a planet. Find out more.

Can Turning Vegan Help Save Our Planet?

Changing our diet might be the easiest way to save our planet. Here, we discuss the pros and cons that come with turning vegan.

Black Holes and the Possible New “Blanets” In the Milky Way

In a new paper, researchers have shown that there could be "Blanets" orbiting Super Massive Black Holes in the Milky Way. Find out more.

The Birth Of A Planet Captured By The Very Large Telescope

The coalescence of a planet may have been observed through the Very Large Telescope in the European Space Observatory in Chile.