Tag: Physics

3 Scientists Win The Nobel Physics Prize For Black Hole Breakthrough

Three scientists, Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel, and Andrea Ghez, won the 2020 Nobel Physics Prize for extraordinary research work about black holes.

A New Type of Superconductor Discovered by Physicists

A new study has uncovered a new type of superconductor that was previously known only theoretically. Find out more.

Dying Stars and their Beautiful Aftermaths

A recent discovery shows the reason behind the variance in the shapes and colours of different nebulae resulting from the death of similar stars.

Physicists Have Discovered a New Magnetoelectric Effect

A new discovery by physicists shows the presence of the magnetoelectric effect in materials it should not exist in. Find out more.

Levitating Liquid: A New Gift from Scientists

A new study has revealed that objects can float underneath levitating liquids. Find out more.

Neutrinos Might Not Exist, New Experiments Suggest

A new experiment suggests that sterile neutrinos might not exist at all. Something that researchers have been looking for a long time.

A Neutron and its Lifetime

A new method of measuring the lifetime of a neutron has been put forward. It aims to end the previous conflict over the same topic.

New Theory Suggests Time May Be Bigger Than We Imagine

A new theory suggests that the smallest unit of time might be bigger than what we had assumed initially. Find out more.

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